A Partnership with Peacock International, an interview with Mr Wassim Jaber.

Early in 2014, I was introduced to Mr Wassim Jaber and Peacock International Hotel Management, a Canadian company headquartered in Dubai since 2007. Wassim brought me on board to provide a series of brand and lifestyle images for the new Montana Hotel Apartments, which was undergoing a soft opening.

Originally sighted as a possible residential apartment block, the building was instead handed over to Peacock for the concept of becoming Hotel Apartments. Wassim has a particular caring affection to this specific property as it was one that he had full involvement with from the very beginning, overseeing the implementation of standards and the operational process and still maintaining a close approach with the day-to-day management. He is proud of the Montana becoming a fine boutique hotel in Al Barsha.

The Montana project is one of more than 12 properties in the MENA Region that has been shaped by one of the many services that Peacock International offers to it’s clients. Says Mr Jaber, “Peacock is a powerhouse, our scope of work covers all aspects of the creation and implementation of new brands, construction of new properties, renovation of old properties and the creation of independently owned hotel divisions for independent investors. Our vision is to create and maintain the highest standards for our clients regardless of the property size and property concept.”

This description is one that I could identify with, as it makes a similar statement to what I set as my vision for Imagination Photography, that no matter the size or type of client, a personal approach would always be taken and the result always displaying highest standards. Therefore and as expected, it has been a pleasure to work with Peacock given their approach and professionalism. Indeed, Peacock’s company founder, Mr Ghassan Jaber, has been placed on a Top 10 CEO’s in the Middle East list, as a result of his determined overseeing to expansion and growth.

The Montana photoshoot was soon followed up with my involvement with Lords Hotel in Sharjah. Lords is a longstanding hotel company in the UAE continuing to open new properties across the Emirates. Peacock’s involvement with this hotel as a consultant was on a smaller scale, but no less significant by any means, and, as for new properties, Lords will soon open the doors to a five star hotel in Al Nahda.

I got the chance to meet one last time with Wassim before he headed to the airport for some deserved vacation time; requiring some executive portraits, I had a chance to ask him about his work routine and what he enjoys most. “As the Project Manager, it is my duty to maintain the daily operational activities of the company and to maintain the operational standards of our properties and projects by working side by side with the relevant teams. My day-to-day routine is to monitor the project statuses, the operational output and input, and the development of future business. The most enjoyable aspect of the job is when you open a new property that you have worked on for many months, as it is a huge relief and accomplishment. Every property is different and with each project comes its own challenges; to overcome those challenges and open the doors is the best feeling.”

So what about the future ambitions for Peacock? “The company has been expanding rapidly over the last three years and we are working towards implementing our own Peacock brand to future investors in order to create the first true Peacock property and with future ambitions to implement it into a chain brand.”

I have written before about my satisfaction of building partnerships with ambitious clients, so of course my hope is that I continue to work with Peacock International as they develop more properties; but either way, with all eyes on Dubai as the city muscles itself toward Expo2020, Peacock is an exciting company with a bright future to watch.

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